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By Krysanna & LKV

A Thousand Years After

Sarah is a young, vibrant, adventurous and precocious girl who lives in a world that exists a thousand years from now.

The Millennium

Time traveled quickly. All the sense of the world of her ancestors is long gone. The long-anticipated Millennium has come to a glorious end. The yellowing ball of sunlit synergy emerges from its nightly sleep, illuminating the once bedarkened sky and making the environ a rainbow of colors. Golden yellow daisies and delicate white lilies dance to the hum of the tuneful wind. Exotic birds join the lively fanfare. A royal purple rose extends its petals to feel the warmth of the golden sun. Meanwhile, the smell of the delicate pink roses journeys through the thick, leafy, green forest, leaving a persistent trail and awakening Sarah in its wake.

Sarah has been longing for this day. Excitement seizes her captive. She is awestruck by the sheer beauty surrounding her. Her translucent emerald green eyes peer through the wooden windows of her humble six windowed cottage. The home is full, warm, and happy. Sarah fixes her gaze on the kiwi green untouched garden beckoning to her call. She darts through the door. The waves of crashing waters can be heard as she races through the enchanting garden, leaving her subtly white cotton dress wafting in the wind. Her full lips stretch a natural smile across her face betraying sheer ecstasy and delight. The air flutters with brilliant butterflies; transforming the scene into a sea of flying flowers. Radiant orange, black, crimson, lilac, and a myriad of resplendent hues dance in a whirl of color, revealing erratic moves and mysterious symphony. A majestic monarch butterfly floating by on alluring wings, flutters down softly, landing on the proud blade of a pastel-pink flower, leaving the blade with an inflated ego. Sarah stops suddenly, sniffing the perfume fragrance. Her slender nose touches the warm petal, leaving a subtle indention of interference. A patch of humble shrubs droops in response to the gentle touch of Sarah’s sunset blond wavy hair, trailing in the wind. Her dark brown skin looks even more golden against the sunlit landscape.

Sarah ventures deeper. The green woodland is vigorously guarded and embellished by flora and fauna who are not in the least unwelcoming of guests. A blood-red-eyed lion gives Sarah a fleeting glance. As she traverses deeper into the hospitable woodland, she was mesmerized by saber-toothed tigers, imposing leopards, and stately giraffes. A look of concern sweeps across her face as she approaches a baby saber-toothed. Its leg is trapped in vines. Sarah imagined it too was wonderous and imaginative. She carefully loosens the vigorous vines, gently assuring the cub in a calm and low voice. Unbeknownst to her, a huge and obliged tiger emerges from the nearby reed-like pool, thanking Sarah with a lick, leaving a slither of cold, slimy drool, which was not in the slightest a bother.

As the sun soon begins to lose its grip, Sarah travels deeper in the forest. Soon, she stumbles upon a pear tree. She climbs deftly, picking and eating to satisfaction atop the tree. Adjacent to the tree a cascading waterfall plunges over harsh rocks, spraying a hazy mist and saturating a gentle stream, which snakes its way through the woods. Sarah feels at one with the quadrupeds, that is, the animals, and gulps the refreshing clear water with gusto. Meanwhile, the nocturnal creatures can be seen retreating from their daily affairs and settling into nests and beds with effortless ease. A flamboyantly colorful once poisonous dart settles on a thick branch that lowered to the ground. A humungous snake with scales mingled with brown and black curls into a sculpted ball at the base of the trees. Just then, a stealthy silky white tiger, accompanied by a familiar cub leaped above Sarah, creating a scuffle among the nightly creatures and scattering debris, sending tiny ripples of disturbance that fade under the starlit sky. 

Sarah’s eyes, now heavy with dew and bliss, vacillate between opening and closing, and then lower contentedly. Her petite figure lay at the base of the pear tree. Her legs slanted. She props an arm against her chin, feeling satisfied with each day the Millennium brings; her memories drifting ever further from a forgotten past and stretching deeper into the life that is meant to last. Courteous and welcoming shrubs bowed, huddled together, blanketing her slender frame, which becomes a shadowy silhouette, a blur, that vanish in the dark of the night, dreaming delightfully of tomorrow's adventures.

Sarah: Team
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