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Word of the Month: Draconian

Welcome to this month's Word of the Month! The term chosen for this month is draconian. Read below to learn how you can use this word to expand your vocabulary today!


"More draconian forms of policing and punishment are no guarantee of a reduction in violent crime." -Ash Sarkar



harsh, severe, strict, extreme, drastic, stringent, tough

Additional Synonyms

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"Far from curbing terror, we find that draconian laws used by a corrupt and communal police are creating conditions which will only exacerbate the problem."

Johnathan Swift




A Draconian Approach

We hope you enjoyed this month's word challenge. Remember, practice makes perfect! Challenge yourself by writing a sentence using today's Word of the Month.

Use the definitions, examples, and video series provided as a guide. Be creative and have fun!




Draconian Methods


Draconian Tactics


Draconian Response


If you would like to further expand your vocabulary, contact us to learn about our customized programs designed to suit your learning goals.

If you enjoyed this month's challenge, or if you would like to better understand how to use a word in English, let us know in the comments.

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Enjoy English as you explore, learn, and grow!


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