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Top 100 Most Common Words in English Every Beginner Must Know

Learning English might seem to be an overwhelming task. In actuality, it can be arduous to learn any language.

But there are measures you can employ to effectively eliminate obstacles to progress and to speak like a native.

One fundamental aspect of developing language proficiency is building vocabulary. The impact of vocabulary on proficiency in second language acquisition is a subject of significant interest among scholars. Vocabulary represents the building blocks of linguistic competence.

This article will highlight the 100 vocabulary words most commonly used in English.


Learning basic vocabulary is an effective, practical, and valuable resource, which can be used as a reference for second language learners. Mastering basic vocabulary strategically prepares learners to progress in grasping more advanced vocabulary. Learning to recognize and pronounce these frequently used words is vital in communicating effectively.

Browse the top 100 most commonly used words in English, arranged in alphabetical order. Book a session with VIP English Learners to practice the most frequently used vocabulary in English and receive instant feedback from our language experts.


​1) a

2) about

3) all

4) also

5) and

6) as

7) at

8) be

9) because

10) but

11) by

12) can

13) come

14) could

15) day

16) do

17) even

18) find

19) first

20) for

21) from

22) get

23) give

24) go

25) have

26) he

27) her

28) here

29) him

30) his

31) how

32) I

33) if

34) in

35) into

36) it

36) its

38) just

39) know

40) like

41) look

42) make

43) man

44) many

45) me

46) more

47) my

48) new

49) no

​50) not

51) now

52) of

53) on

54) ​one

55) only

56) or

57) other

​58) our

59) out

60) people

61) say

62) see

63) she

64) so

65) some

66) take

67) tell

68) than

69) that

70) the

71) their

72) them

73) then

74) there

75) these

76) they

77) thing

78) think

79) this

80) those

81) time

82) to

83) too

84) two

85) up

86) use

87) very

88) want

89) way

90) we

91) well

92) what

93) which

94) who

95) will

96) with

97) would

98) year

99) you

​100) your

Congratulations! You've just browsed the top 100 most commonly used words in English! The forgoing vocabulary is primarily for language learners at the beginner level. If you would like customized lessons according to your corresponding level in English, select one of the course offerings below. Explore our Services page for additional course offerings.



Explore VIP English Learners' latest services and select a program that interests you. Get a dedicated coach to train you in achieving English proficiency.

To summarize, vocabulary signifies elementary and essential elements of language acquisition. You can successfully achieve your goal of speaking English competently by developing your vocabularic skills. One practical approach to improving English vocabulary is to master basic and most commonly used vocabulary and then progressively advance to more complex vocabulary.

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