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Many centuries ago, there was a beautiful unfound island only inhabited by animals. Sometime later, though, some people who later became known as the Zoanians found that island after suffering shipwreck at the hands of an angry and violent storm. They had tried vigorously to keep their eyes on the horizon. Unfortunately, they were no match for the raging, territorial sea, guarding the untouched island against unwelcomed trespassers.


Suddenly, we lost all strength and surrendered to the colossal watery master who held us in its grip, trying to swallow us whole and then spewed us near a shore. I summoned the strength, hauled my weather-beaten body onto the soft wet sand, and laid motionless.


The bright, blazing sunrise warmed my face with its mellow rise and woke me up. I found leaves strangely pasted on my bruises. There was sand as far as the eye could see. In the distance, there was a faint figure of a stranger crawling towards me.

Despite his torn clothes and battered look, I recognized him as Eliad, the captain of our ship. "Eliad!" I shouted. He sauntered towards me. "Where are we?" "What's going on?" "Where's everyone else?" I asked frantically.

Just then a whiff of fog pranced by. I saw the outline of what appeared to be an impressive castle. I gasped and scrambled to feet with the help of Eliad.

Eliad assured me that everyone was okay; and focused my gaze on the sheer luxurious, mint island that glittered in the morning light like stars twinkling at night. The delicate perfume of the rose-red roses filled my heart with joy.

The golden-yellow daisies danced gently to the soft tune of the light wind. Giant monarch butterflies fluttered, and tropical birds twittered, adding to the melody of the wind. The still and brilliant blue water reflected the paradise above its gaze. I knelt to the ground and caressed the water, creating tiny ripples which slowly disappeared.

As I chartered through this enchanting breathtaking island, I could hear the birds humming and roosters crowing from a distance. There was a narrow but sturdy bridge overlooking the tranquil water. The ancient bridge bordered proud verdant green, lush trees.

I carefully stepped on the solid pavement which led to the entrance of a peach pink, colossal and elegant castle, with tiny towers pointing proudly under the sunlit sky.

There was no sign of habitation, except for the majestic constructions they left behind.


Meanwhile, this pristine garden radiated with tropical glory crowned by native creatures. We decided to name our new home Zooania.

Who knows what other secrets this island hides and is vigorously guarded by an unnavigable sea...

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